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Your Trusted Business Partner in the supply of instruments/recorders consumable of chart papers, ink cartridges and ribbon cassettes.”

 “Instrumentation for measurement of pressure, temperature, humidity, pneumatic, fluid, velocity and airflow measuring technology"

twelve years experience of providing sales and services to the market of MORE THAN ONE SOURCE OF YOUR INSTRUMENTS NEED.”


Our History 


Instruparts Engineering Sdn.Bhd. registered and started of operation on 1994. The only products represented by Instruparts is the instruments/recorders consumable chart papers and marking pens which were imported from Kobayashi Kirokushi Company limited in Japan. Kobayashi is the original manufacturer for most of the instruments companies inJapan.


In late 1996, Instruparts successfully secured the agency of Dickson Company from U.S.A and this given us the opportunity to market or to expand our sales into the semi-electronic industries segment for the monitoring & recording the working condition of temperature and relative humidity in the control room or clean room. Immediately after one year of promoting and marketing of Dickson products, it gives the company turnover revenue double


In year 2001, the company been appointed exclusive sole agent by Sell Termaf S.N.C. Italy to market their mechanical items of pressure gauges, pressure recorders, temperature gauge, thermometers and meters. Most of these items were used in the Palm Oil Mills & refineries, some in the weather station for metrology measurement. After carried out a strong marketing plan to these area of market, our revenue improved by 50%.


Come to the year of 2004, the company celebrated its 10 years old anniversary and the management decided to increase the authorized capital.


The increased capital is to justify the needs of the company to increase the manpower for more market segment as the company will be getting more products agencies which is in-line with our motto of “one source of your instruments need.”